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Article Published December 19, 2018
Protect the Town
Vincent Cimino

When I first informed Founders Village years ago about the plan to build a monstrous recycling dump next door, it was hard for owners to believe. Town Hall would surely vigorously oppose that plan in such an environmentally sensitive, residential area. Instead, several officials claimed I was wrong, it’d only be an aluminum recycling plant. A lengthy battle ensued. I spoke at public meetings and wrote many letters explaining the actual situation. As facts became clearer, residents became angry. A petition in opposition garnered thousands of signatures. Comments from the public and professionals resulted in the plan being unanimously denied.

Remember the ridiculous dump rink proposal? Town Hall proclaimed it, despite its absurdity, giving the mysterious applicants $200,000 in public funds. I opposed that, urging officials to identify all parties and require financial disclosures; they didn’t. Predictably, no rink was built.

We deserve an immediate detailed explanation of exactly where our $200,000 went.

Later, it was announced the phantom rink would be built at Unilever. Predictably, no rink was ever built.

Unilever is privately owned. Another buyer holds a contract to purchase it, yet Town Hall provided public funding for a study. Why? The buyer should pay for his own study. Where’s the publicly financed study? It must be made available to the public.

Believe it or not, the dump people from Route 145 recently announced they’ve decided to pursue building a—wait for it—skating rink! You can’t make this stuff up. Clinton residents will see through this absurd sham, but will our elected officials? Or will they continue to tout ridiculous and/or dangerous proposals, simply because they want to claim something is coming to Clinton.

We’ve learned we can’t rely on public officials. We must remain vigilant and protect the town from inept/corrupt public officials and unscrupulous developers.

Vincent Cimino