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Article Published December 12, 2018
An Issue to Agree On
Peter Raymond

In this day and age of political divisiveness, it is encouraging to see an issue that people of both sides can agree on. Such an issue was Ballot Question #2, a vote for a constitutional amendment to protect public open spaces and lands from inappropriate, dead-of-the-night transfers.

Ballot Question #2 passed statewide by 84 percent. In Branford, it was supported by all the state legislative candidates and it passed by 88 percent. How often do we see this?

The success of Ballot Question #2 not only speaks to unity, but to support for open space. At the polling stations, Branford Land Trust representatives repeatedly heard comments like, “The whole state is getting paved over” and “We need to save more land.”

The Branford Land Trust has worked hard to save open space and has done so successfully, though work remains to be done. We also worked hard to garner support for Ballot Question #2 and deeply appreciate the many “Yes” votes from the citizens of Branford. We hope that we can all continue to support the preservation of our natural heritage, whether through the town or the land trust.

Peter Raymond, President
Branford Land Trust