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Article Published December 5, 2018
Helping Fulfill Civic Responsibility
Robin Comey

As the newly elected state representative to the 102nd District, I am writing to thank the more than 110 volunteers and elected officials who worked so hard to make this election possible.

What voters might not realize is that preparing for election day began long before Nov. 6. The poll workers volunteered their time to train and then endured a nearly 16-hour day with little downtime. There are certainly many components to ensuring everything goes smoothly. Sometimes there were unforeseen issues at the polls, such as the unexpected power outage at the high school and a malfunctioning machine that slowed the process at another polling site. At each location, the poll workers were professional, accommodating, and acted in a non-partisan manner.

I would like to thank each and every volunteer for their role in helping our citizens fulfill their civic responsibility and have their voices heard.

Robin Comey

Robin Comey (D) is state representative-elect for the 102nd Assembly District.