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Article Published October 31, 2018
Leading the Charge
Adam Hansen

I will be voting for Robin Comey for the 102nd Assembly District on Nov. 6.

When I met Robin, I was very impressed with her dedication to our town. Her reputation for helping the people of Branford was one of the big reasons I asked her to consider serving the 3rd District on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). The first time I saw her capabilities and potential was when she approached the RTM and the Board of Finance with a group of parents. They were prepared with research and surveys to make improvements to Hammer Field playground. As an RTM member, it was nice to be given the information we needed to make an informed decision. Not only was a strong case made, they had a solid, strategic, and level-headed approach to balancing the community needs and wants with what Branford could afford.

I have also known Robin to be outspoken on issues she thinks are important to our town, and she does not shy away from hard decisions. Robin is a community leader who doesn’t feel the need to take credit for the many projects with which she’s been involved throughout town. In fact, people may not realize it, but Robin is behind many of the programs and events that happen in this town for children and families, projects like the Branford Hills Park dedication, many activities in Short Beach, and historical programs. If something big is happening in Branford, it is very likely that Robin Comey is leading the charge.

I know she will make a great state representative because she approaches decision making as a shared responsibility and working with others is her highest priority. I encourage your 102nd District readers to cast their votes for Robin Comey on Nov. 6.

Adam Hansen