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Article Published October 31, 2018
Has Shown Fiscal Restraint
Michael Cianfaglione

As a young professional living in Old Saybrook, I frequently struggle with the expensive cost of living in Connecticut. Connecticut always ranks as a state with high costs, high taxes, and a poor economic outlook. Our legislature needs to improve our economy without increasing taxes and focus on paying down our enormous debt.

I am supporting State representative Devin Carney (R-23) because he wants to reduce our debt, which will make it less burdensome for my generation in the future. Right now, Connecticut is billions in debt and Governor Dannel Malloy and the majority kicked the can down the road, yet again, on pension costs. Devin voted against doing this because he understands that we have to take care of our payments today, not 30 years from now with billions in interest.

Anyone who has a mortgage, a credit card, or student loans understands how critical it is to pay these debts on time. Devin gets it and is best prepared to deal with our debt head-on. He has shown fiscal restraint by supporting spending caps, bonding caps, and fiscally responsible debt payments. The best part, Devin won’t vote to add new expensive programs that will add to our debt even further.

If your readers really care about a fiscally sustainable Connecticut that wants to attract businesses and young people, then I encourage them to join me in voting for Devin Carney on Nov. 6.

Michael Cianfaglione
Old Saybrook