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Article Published October 31, 2018
Responsible Representation
Jack Ahern

There are many issues today that affect our daily lives. Having responsible representation in Hartford is a major step toward having our voices heard and our issues addressed. This year I will cast my vote for Robin Comey for 102nd Assembly District state representative as she will provide just such representation. Not only is she an excellent listener and a person of action, but her compassion for others and her ability to intelligently and responsibly solve problems have earned my respect and admiration.

Running for any office is not an easy decision or an easy task. Robin dove into this election season and has spoken with hundreds of voters. She has earnestly listened and learned from each person. She approaches issues and problems with no preconceived conclusions, rather she researches to determine the best course of action. Intelligent problem-solving and putting her constituents’ needs ahead of her own are traits not often found in a modern day politician, but they can be found in Robin. For these reasons, I encourage your 102nd District readers to join me in casting their votes for Robin Comey on Nov. 6.

Selectman Jack Ahern (D)