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Article Published October 31, 2018
Nothing Is Being Done
Connie M. Drysdale

Anyone who likes trees should be upset about a recent event at 250 North Main Street, a development site on Route One between Clancy’s Funeral Home and United Tire. Countless trees have come down—all legally—but one of the most beautiful, a huge oak tree at the entrance to the property, came down in complete violation of the town zoning regulations and nothing is being done about it.

The zoning regulations require large trees like this to be preserved. It was marked on the approved plans to be preserved, but it came down. The Planning & Zoning Commission was told—with no documentation—that the tree split in two in a wind storm and had to be cut down.

The zoning regulations clearly state that if a tree like this is damaged, it has to be fixed. Obviously, this wasn’t done. The zoning regulations lay out penalties and remediation requirements for this kind of violation, but they haven’t been carried out. I beg the Planning & Zoning Commission to enforce its own regulations and protect our trees, which purify our air and beautify our town.

Connie M. Drysdale