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Article Published October 31, 2018
The Right Leadership and Representation
Sarah Herrick

Deep River, Chester, Essex, and Haddam are vibrant communities with historic roots, diverse needs and interests, and the potential to thrive with the right leadership and representation. Voting in the midterms elections is more important than ever. We have the chance right now to pick the local representatives who will carry our voices to the state level and who will fight for our communities’ future.

At the debate at Valley Regional High School, state representative candidate Christine Palm offered intelligent, nuanced opinions on every question raised, and she was prepared with long-term, forward-thinking plans for addressing issues that impact our local towns, like the state budget crisis, education, and infrastructure.

This matches what I have seen of her campaign in general. I have met Christine at numerous local events, where she has not only been prepared to answer any questions her potential constituents have, she has actively sought our opinions and concerns. She has been present everywhere from the Chester Farmer’s Market to the local fairs. She’s offered to call or visit anyone who can’t get to her for a conversation. She listens. And she works hard. Christine is clearly not expecting anything to be handed to her, and she’s willing to put in the hard work this position will require. This is the kind of person I want representing our communities—someone who knows how state government works, someone with a strong work ethic, someone with years of experience running her own business, and someone who is strongly invested in our communities prospering.

Sarah Herrick
Deep River