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Article Published October 31, 2018
A Leader We Can Trust
Brian Walsh

I support Norm Needleman for State Senate, 33rd District. Unfortunately, our district in the Connecticut River Valley has not been well represented in recent years. We had inexperienced legislators who seemed more interested in their own political futures than in being public servants. This election provides us with an opportunity to turn this around.

Norm Needleman is more than a proven leader who can balance budgets and promote job development. Yes, these things are important to voters, but Norm has demonstrated that he is more than that. Our district needs a legislator who is knowledgeable about the issues facing our state as we move forward. Norm has owned and operated a successful business for decades. He understands the value of educating our youth and providing job training to develop essential skills. He understands that families want economic security and will fight for an increase in the minimum wage. He will support improved state infrastructure to bring more business into Connecticut and to increase job opportunities. Moreover, he is a champion for women’s rights. He supports equal pay for women and will fight to ensure that all women are treated with the dignity they deserve. We will not have to guess how he would vote on gun safety in domestic violence situations or on policies to protect young women on college campuses.

A vote for Norm is a vote to have our voices heard. In all his years in public service, we have had a leader we can trust, a leader who is committed to our interests, and not his own. I encourage your readers to elect Norm Needleman to the State Senate. He will work for us, and return pride and decency to government.

Brian Walsh
Deep River