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Article Published October 31, 2018
Legal Ability and Personal Compassion
Dave Roberts

I am supporting Attorney William Bilcheck to be our next probate judge. For the past 30 years, Attorney Bilcheck has resided with his wife, Holly; maintained a law practice servicing the shoreline; and raised four boys in Madison.

I have been very aware that Attorney Bilcheck has been an outstanding community volunteer who has always put family and children first and has worked for children with disabilities.

He honorably held the difficult position of chairman of Madison’s Planning & Zoning Commission for eight years, serving on the commission for 15.

As an attorney, he has an extensive legal and probate background. Over the years, he has appeared in probate, civil, and family courtrooms representing many Madison and Guilford citizens. He has a thorough understanding of probate law and how a probate judge should administer the court.

Attorney Bilcheck has the legal ability and personal compassion to work with the people who will be appearing before him as our next probate judge. I encourage your readers to vote on Nov. 6 and to cast their ballots for Attorney William Bilcheck.

Dave Roberts