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Article Published October 31, 2018
New Ideas, New Voices, and Collaboration
Ed Meehan

The Chester Democratic Town Committee urges everyone to vote Nov. 6.

In the 33rd State Senate District contest, voters have a chance to support Norm Needleman, a common-sense leader, a successful first selectman, and an astute businessman. Needleman has created an innovative manufacturing enterprise and grown the region’s employment opportunities while dedicating more than two decades to active public service. Norm brings this unique experience to the Senate, plus his optimistic “can do better” personality that will motivate people to work together for the common good. These positive qualities will benefit the 12 small towns of the 33rd District.

Christine Palm’s run for the 36th House seat offers voters a choice for a hard-working candidate with in-depth knowledge of the General Assembly’s operations. Her 10 years of experience as a legislative policy analyst has provided Christine with the competence, expertise, and respect that’s necessary to pass bi-partisan legislation. Christine’s vigorous campaign demonstrates her ability and eagerness to listen to the voters of the 36th District. This is the kind of legislator we need now, fair-minded and working for all the district’s constituents.

Needleman’s and Palm’s priorities include improved educational skills to enhance participation in Connecticut’s expanding economy and employment opportunities and the preservation of the lower Connecticut River Valley’s unique environmental quality. These are the same priorities for the residents of the 33rd Senate and 36th House districts; this is why we live, work, and chose to raise our families here.

Now is the time for new ideas, new voices, and collaboration in the State Legislature. On Nov. 6. I encourage your readers to vote for the candidates who will speak up for the qualities of life that are important to the residents of this most beautiful part of Connecticut—vote Needleman and Palm. It’s time for a change.

Ed Meehan

Ed Meehan is vice chairman of the Democratic Town Committee.