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Article Published October 31, 2018
The True Problem
Eric Bergman

Green Party candidate Madeleine Leveille is our best choice this election day for state representative, District 35, representing Clinton, Killingworth, and a portion of Westbrook. Madeleine has a long career as a clinical and forensic psychologist. She calls for fundamental tax reform, environmental protection, and social justice, areas of concern that relate more closely to each other than we might suspect.

But the true problem here is far beyond who the parties might nominate. The problem is the two-party system itself. It suffocates open, nonpartisan debate, a debate that healthy democracies need to survive, and a debate that moves beyond the whims of party ideology, corporate-financed greed, and special-interest insider influence. The two-party system is dividing us. We’ve known this for a long, long time.

This toxic political culture demeans us. It demeans our civic relationships with our neighbors, our friends, and our family. It continues to give the illusion that the system is working. It’s not. It’s broken.

I’ve always appreciated and respected the independent streak of voters in the 35th District. We tend not to blindly follow trendy fads and cultural currents. We challenge and speak truth to power when necessary. We demand honesty.

I encourage your readers to consider voting for Green Party candidate Madeleine Leveille for state representative, District 35 this election day. She will have the flexibility to work for us without being indebted to partisan party politics.

Eric Bergman

Eric Bergman is the campaign manager for Madeleine Leveille.