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Article Published October 31, 2018
Honest, Compassionate, and Ethical
Peter Decker

I typically don’t write letters like this but, our state is at a pivotal inflection point. While the business climate is harsh, it has a lot of room for improvement provided that we have the right individuals in Hartford. State Representative Bob Siegrist (R-36) is that individual. I believe that the right candidates can be categorized in the following manners: Do they have the right skill sets, the right attitude, and of course the right personality? I believe Bob has these skills. We need Bob Siegrist and his consistency in Hartford.

I’ve known Bob both before and after he was elected to serve as our state representative. One of Bob’s most significant skills is that he knows how to work with people and find compromises that do not violate his principles. In this next legislative session, these skills are going to be critical. I believe Bob to be an honest, compassionate, and ethical public servant. I know he works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all residents of our district and state.

Bob also has another unique skill. He has the uncanny ability to read other people and has the self-awareness to understand how they see him. While most people think of self-awareness as introspection, in his case its essence is other-awareness; that is, knowing how other people see you and how his actions in Hartford impacts all of us. Bob is a worker and not a political hack; his actions show that he is willing to fight fiscal mismanagement, and hold our government accountable which is precisely what is what is needed now.

Bob can help bring sanity back to Hartford. I hope your readers will vote for Bob Siegrist for state representative this november.

Peter Decker