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Article Published October 31, 2018
Stands for Tax Fairness
David Younng

I am voting for Madeleine Leveille for state representative for the 35th District, which includes Clinton, Killingworth, and part of Westbrook. I am voting for this Green Party candidate because she addresses the complicated and serious issues concerning economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

She stands for tax fairness, not regressive taxes (such as tolls) that hurt working and middle class families. She recognizes that taxing wages at higher rates than interest and dividends hurts the increasing number of people who are “asset limited, income constrained, employed” (ALICE) while favoring the wealthy. She recognizes that tax cuts (including cuts in estate taxes, gift taxes, and corporate taxes) have not produced the trickle-down effects that were promised to stimulate the economy and benefit all.

Madeleine realizes that the government must become more efficient. She recognizes that supporting small businesses is cost-effective. Proportionately, small businesses create more jobs than large national and multi-national companies. Madeleine’s ideas regarding creating a state bank, developing municipal electric energy cooperatives, and promoting solar- and wind-based technologies will bring jobs to Connecticut.

For me, Madeleine Leveille is the people’s candidate, and I encourage your readers to look at her platform on Facebook and made their decision to vote for her.


David Younng