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Article Published October 31, 2018
Well Prepared, Thoughtful, and Articulate
Pat Holloway

At the debate for state representative (House District 36) at the Valley Regional High School on Oct. 17, Christine Palm, in her first run for elected office, shared an extensive list of endorsements from numerous organizations, as well as from legislators. She explained that she had been a consultant and policy analyst at the State Capital and had also served on the Commission on the Status of Women, Children and Seniors. Her work there had obviously impressed many.

Christine also addressed issues she supports such as healthcare for all, an increase in the minimum age, and pay equity. She also asserted her support for the arts as well as her commitment to protect state funding for education. She will protect the environment and resources in the Connecticut River Valley, and will fight for economic development and improved state infrastructure.

I was impressed by the fact that she had considered all of these areas and had specific answers, with some innovative ideas on these topics. As a newcomer to the political field, she seemed well prepared, thoughtful, and articulate on all of these issues.

Palm clearly stated what she thought were priorities for the state—maintaining a balanced budget while reducing the tax burden on working families and towns, recognizing the need for investment in the state in order to create jobs, improving infrastructure and transportation, and providing young people with an affordable education that assures them a job in the state when they graduate.

After hearing Christine Palm’s thoughtful responses during the debate, I believe that she will hit the ground running for our district and will show us, as her signs say, that “Who Leads Matters!”

Pat Holloway