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Article Published October 31, 2018
Priority Will Be Economic Development
James Cosgrove

As first selectman of the Town of Branford, I am writing to strongly endorse Robert Imperato for state representative for Branford’s 102nd District. My endorsement is not rooted in partisanship, but rather selecting the best candidate to address the state’s current fiscal issues.

During my tenure as first selectman, I have worked across party lines with Branford’s current state delegation, State Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr. (D-12), State Representative Lonnie Reed (D-102), and State Representative Sean Scanlon (D-98). Every one of us has put the good of Branford ahead of party politics. I know that Bob Imperato has the same approach to governing. We can be sure that Bob will put what’s best for the people of Branford ahead of any political agenda.

We need Hartford to develop solutions that stabilize and strengthen our state as a whole. Unfortunately, Hartford politicians have for too long promoted an urban agenda to the detriment of towns like Branford. The policies that are being pushed forward will result in a direct and immediate tax burden placed on every taxpayer in Branford without any increase in services or effectiveness.

Bob Imperato has the experience of serving on Branford’s RTM and the Board of Finance. He understands how our town will be impacted by the decisions made up in Hartford, and Bob’s financial background gives him the knowledge needed to put forward real solutions. Most important, Bob has made it clear that his priority will be economic development and jobs, not new programs and new spending. If we want Hartford to change, we need to send Bob and people like Bob to represent us.

This year, I encourage all Branford 102nd District voters to cast their vote for Robert Imperato for state representative.

First Selectman James Cosgrove (R)