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Article Published October 31, 2018
Right Choice, Right Time
Omar W. Francis

I am writing in support of experience, successful leadership, and someone who has the pulse of the community. As an experienced state representative, Jesse MacLachlan (R-35) has accomplished much more than most state representatives at the Capitol. His accomplishments in support of our community include passing a bipartisan budget that stopped the governor’s budget cuts to education aide, saving Clinton alone approximately $6 million; restored funding to the Shoreline East and 9 Town Transit; funded the Medicare Savings Program; and financially secured the retired teachers healthcare fund. As an effective legislator, his proposals to lower the tax on marine commerce became law resulting in a boost to shoreline commerce.

We need to maintain the level of accomplishments Jesse brings to the district he serves. Jesse MacLachlan is the right choice and it is the right time to continue to have him support the needs of District 35.

Omar W. Francis