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Article Published October 24, 2018
A Small-Town Champion
Anselmo M. Delia

State Representative Jesse MacLachlan (R-35) has done an excellent job of representing Clinton, Killingworth and Westbrook. Just a quick review of some of his accomplishments will make you realize what good representation he has given our three towns. Jesse worked hard to reverse Governor Dannel Malloy’s cuts to town and education aid. He worked to restore funding for our 9-Town Transit, and for Shoreline East. He was part of the coalition that worked to preserve the $200 property tax credit for seniors and families with dependent children. He’s on the side of working families, he has protected pension and healthcare options for our seniors, and he has been a friend of local businesses, too. Jesse worked to cut the marine-related sales tax to stimulate shoreline commerce.

Jesse MacLachlan grew up in Westbrook and truly understands the needs of small towns. Personally, I regard Jesse as a small-town champion. He understands that making Connecticut more affordable and more business friendly is the way to overcome our job losses and weak economy, and the only way to keep our retirees and young people from leaving Connecticut.

We need good people who are willing to work hard for our small towns. That’s what Jesse MachLachlan does, and he is one of those good people. He is friendly, kind, and approachable and when you talk to him, he gives you his undivided attentions and listens carefully to what you have to say. For all the above reasons and many others is why he has my support and my vote for re-election on Nov. 6.

Anselmo M. Delia