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Article Published October 24, 2018
Made the Difference
Todd Ricci

I’m a lifelong resident, business owner, and president of Northeast Volunteer Fire Association (NVFA) in North Haven. I first met State Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-87) about 13 years ago and immediately felt I’d known him my entire life.

When I became involved volunteering in town government and the fire department, I witnessed that Dave had what it takes to be successful. When Dave first decided to run for state representative, I knew there wasn’t a better person to represent our town.

There isn’t a problem large or small to which Dave won’t lend a helping hand to resolve. After months of the NVFA struggling to get our antique fire engine registered with the DMV, Dave stepped up and coordinated with State Senator Len Fasano (R-34)’s office to resolve the issue in a few days.

When my father’s State Medicaid assistance was threatened due to Governor Dannel Malloy’s budget cuts, I turned to Dave. He assured me that he was working with colleagues in Hartford to stop the governor from balancing the budget on the backs of seniors. He succeeded in helping save that vital assistance for all seniors.

Dave again came to the rescue when the VA denied my father veteran’s benefits because he served in the National Guard. Dave was able to establish not only my father’s benefits eligibility, but that he qualified for the Connecticut Wartime Service Medal. Dave took time from his busy schedule to personally present this medal to my father and visit with our family.

These are just a few situations where Dave made the difference that impacted me directly. I’m positive that there are hundreds more instances in North Haven. We need to send Dave back to Hartford not only to serve North Haven, but as a champion for all seniors and veterans.

Todd Ricci
North Haven