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Article Published October 24, 2018
Willing to Stand Up
Meghan Prevost

I recently graduated and I am deciding on my career and my future. I have lived in Connecticut my entire life and I am contemplating the opportunities that Connecticut has to offer. I believe our state can do better and those changes can happen if we send the right people to Hartford.

This year we have an opportunity to send our state representative, Jesse MacLachlan (R-35), back to Hartford. I have known Jesse MacLachlan for many years, and aside from being a great guy, he is knowledgeable of the issues that matter to me, and quite frankly, to all of us on the shoreline. He is also willing to stand up for the issues to make Connecticut a place where people want to have a career and raise a family. I know Jesse has that same vision and he will do his best to make a real difference.

I encourage your readers to join me in supporting Jesse MacLachlan for state representative. Our votes count, let’s make them count this November!

Meghan Prevost