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Article Published October 17, 2018
A Fresh Perspective
Kathy Grant

Aili McKeen is a woman who has the knowledge and drive to succeed in Hartford. For too long, our state government has been run by established politicians who have the lobbyists in their back pocket. Aili McKeen, a candidate for the State Senate in the 34th District, has been an avid voice in Hartford advocating for issues that matter to families and the working class.

As a survivor of a brutal domestic violence attack, Aili knows the trauma of violence against women and how difficult the healing process can be. She channeled that process into helping young girls grow with confidence and become leaders in their community through Girl Scouts. She became a Team USA archery coach, empowering young women. Aili has a strong union background because she believes in the values that protect fair wages and health care for union workers and protect workers against unfair labor practices.

In her advocacy, Aili has testified in Hartford about bills that she believes are important and has a working knowledge of what it takes to be a great legislator. It’s time to break away from the status quo of gridlock in Hartford that is caused by the very people who are driving out businesses. Connecticut is a great place to live, and the doom and gloom is spread by those who benefit politically. Let’s elect Aili, an informed, hard-working female who will bring a fresh perspective to the challenges in Hartford and will work for us, not lobbyists.

Kathy Grant
North Haven