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Article Published October 17, 2018
Caring and Compassion
Joan W. Johnson

This is my letter endorsing David Yaccarino for another term as our state representative from North Haven. Since David first took office in 2010, only positive feedback has circulated regarding his time in Hartford, especially his hard work and dedication.

My opportunity to experience David’s work ethic began in October 2017. I received an ominous letter from the State of Connecticut informing me that, due to new legislation, my income to cover medical needs would be negatively affected. As a senior citizen with limited income, this program has helped me tremendously in managing the cost of my medical needs.

That letter caused me to become extremely upset and emotional, not knowing what to do or where to turn. Then out of the blue, David came to mind. So in my sorry state of mind, I went to his busy store. David took one look at me and came around from behind the counter to aid this woman in tears. He surmised the reason for my distress and immediately began to explain what had happened in Hartford. He calmed me down by informing me that all would be well and I shouldn’t worry as he would keep in touch with me. True to his word, in the following weeks he personally provided me with updates. In fact he notified me the moment the law was reinstated.

I’m certain that there are many others David has helped with the same caring and compassion that he showed me. Since that time, whenever I try to thank him, he humbly responds, “We all came together and worked it out.”

Needless to say, David has had and will continue to have my vote for state representative. With David in Hartford, I rest easy knowing with certainty he’s working for the wellbeing of all Connecticut residents.

Joan W. Johnson
North Haven