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Article Published October 17, 2018
Worked Hard for All
Sarah Lockery

Those who live in Branford have benefited greatly because of Robin Comey. For those who are a toddler’s parent, their preschool/daycare teachers may have participated in professional development opportunities, thanks to Robin Comey. Those with school-aged children may have enjoyed Books for Kids, the Hammer Field Playground, or Market Math, thanks to Robin Comey. Teenagers, or those who once were in Branford, may have developed leadership skills in Robin’s Girl Scout troop. For those adults who reside or own a business in Branford, Robin’s efforts have contributed to Branford Luminata, the Downtown Merchant Art Walk, and endless partnerships with businesses and non profits.

Robin truly cares about the people who live in Branford. She has spent much of the summer and this fall walking Branford and introducing herself to people. Most might tire after a few days of thousands of steps, but not Robin. Robin is energized by those she has met and she hears them.

With so many towns and cities competing for our state resources in Connecticut, Branford needs Robin Comey, a person who has worked hard for all of us, to be our state representative of the 102nd District. I encourage your readers to vote for Branford’s children, adults, and businesses on Nov. 6 by voting for Robin Comey!

Sarah Lockery