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Article Published October 17, 2018
Dedication, Work Ethic, and Energy
Kelly Ricciardi

Every election is fundamentally a choice between staying the course or changing direction. In Connecticut, as we stare out at deficits topping $2 billion a year for the next decade and close to $100 billion in unfunded liabilities, the choice couldn’t be any clearer: It’s time to change the way we run this state, and time for a new generation of leadership to do it.

I’m writing to proudly endorse Adam Greenberg for State Senate as our agent of change for Branford. Adam is a successful small business owner whose company Lurong Living was named one of Inc.’s fastest-growing companies in America in 2015. As such, he’s well acquainted with the difficulties facing small businesses in Connecticut and is well positioned to start going after the burdensome regulations and overbearing taxes that have already pushed so many businesses and jobs out of this state.

As a product of the Guilford school system and the father of two young children growing up in Branford, Adam knows how important it is to provide our kids with a great education. With a devastating proposal to shift Teacher Retirement Board costs onto municipalities still being considered, Adam will be our voice in Hartford defending us from these crippling costs.

As one of the few people who can say he was a Major League Baseball player, Adam has shown the dedication, work ethic, and energy required to be a successful public servant, and we can rest assured that he will bring that same passion he once took to the baseball field up to the gold dome in Hartford.

If your readers agree that Connecticut can’t afford to maintain the status quo any longer, I encourage them to join me in voting for Adam Greenberg on Nov. 6 and set Connecticut in a new direction.

Kelly Ricciardi