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Article Published October 17, 2018
Served Us Well
Pamela Roy

I am writing to endorse Sean Scanlon for re-election. Even though Sean only represents a small portion of Branford—Stony Creek and Pine Orchard—he has served those of us who live in his district and all Branford residents well during his four years in office. As a retired teacher, I find this is especially true when it comes to education.

In 2017, the governor’s budget proposal eliminated all of Branford’s education funding. This $2.2 million cut would have been devastating to our schools and increased our property taxes. Sean stood up for us and successfully fought to stop this cut in the final budget.

In addition to stopping massive budget cuts, Sean was also instrumental in securing $30 million in state funding to help offset the cost of remodeling the Walsh Intermediate School.

In this area and all areas, Sean truly makes listening and engaging with constituents a priority. He holds frequent office hours, is very accessible, and, despite not having an opponent this year, still goes door to door to hear what is on people’s minds.

Sean has done a great job protecting this community and our schools and I hope your readers will join me in supporting him for another term on Nov. 6.

Pamela Roy