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Article Published October 17, 2018
Will Give a Meaningful Voice
Jane Scully Welch

We keep hearing that this is an important election at the Congressional level, but we shouldn’t forget that the State Senate election is equally important for all of us who live in Clinton. For years we have not had active support from our representatives. Every year our town gets less and less state support, while the big cities and wealthy towns get more and more. And commitments have not been honored: The train station we were promised has yet to materialize. But that’s not all the bad news: There are certain to be more budget cuts from Hartford, and without an active advocate in the State Senate, the cuts will further impact on our budgeting process and property taxes.

We cannot let this go on. We need a state senator who listens and understands what Clinton needs and one who will give a meaningful voice to our town.

I know Norm Needleman. I have seen what he has accomplished in Essex: balanced and passed budgets, great services, an efficient town government, and low taxes! He knows what we need because he has been responsible for getting it done at the municipal level. His is the truly bipartisan approach we need in our State Senate. Clinton cannot afford to elect another politician who only pretends to be our voice in the State Senate. We have done that and paid a very high price. I encourage everyone to vote for the representation out town needs by voting for Norm Needleman.

Jane Scully Welch