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Article Published October 17, 2018
Voice to the Voiceless
Karli Spinella

I first met Christine Palm at a porch gathering in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in 2011. Christine and her family had just moved to our street and we became fast friends during those long 10 days without power. In the ensuing seven years, I learned more about Christine’s life story. The richness of this life story combined with her fierce intellect make Christine a uniquely attractive candidate for our 36th Assembly District.

The breadth and reward of her experiences are impressive. Christine has been a teacher, so she can speak to the importance of school excellence with real world insight. She has owned small businesses, so she understands the pressures and the need for balance in regulation, and has worked as a policy analyst for the state, so she has experience working in the capitol, understands the need for alliances, knows how legislation is made, and already has personal relationships to call upon.

She has worked as a print journalist, where respect for research and verifiable facts is non negotiable.

She has cared for aging parents and therefore understands the pressures and demands involved as well as the challenges the elderly face living in our small towns, and she has survived a battle with cancer, giving her firsthand experience dealing with healthcare issues from a patient’s perspective.

She has, along with her husband, raised a blended family of four boys and understands the need to make our towns affordable for young people. She has also lived in the city and in our small town, so she has a deep understanding of their competing needs.

This is a woman whose moral code demands she stand for justice and giving voice to the voiceless. Life experience matters. Who leads matters.

Karli Spinella