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Article Published October 17, 2018
Walking a Fine Line
Claire M. Walsh

In a recent press release from State Representative Robert Siegrist (R-36), he reports receiving an endorsement from the Independent Party of Connecticut (“Siegrist Receives Independent Party Endorsement,” Sept. 20), which allows him to appear on both the Republican and Independent ballot line. Let us not be fooled.

While Rep. Siegrist touts his “independent-minded approach,” he cannot escape his affiliation with a conservative agenda that continues to be an assault on women, human rights, the environment, our revered institutions, and noble tenets of our democracy. Many traditional Republicans have abandoned their party in protest. While Rep. Siegrist has attempted to walk a fine line within his party in an effort to take a more benign approach, there is reason for all voters to be concerned that current policies of the Republican Party, and indeed the Independent Party of Connecticut, will have a worrisome impact on voters in our community. Elected officials make a determination on legislation that affects the quality of our lives.

Our concerns about the environment, quality education, school safety, healthcare, the rights of women, children, and seniors, and the less fortunate, must guide our vote. These issues are more important than political expediency to ensure an election. A vote for Siegrist and the Independent Party is a threat to all that we cherish. The midterms are an opportunity for CT voters to protect their rights, healthcare and economic security, and an endangered environment. Walking a fine line is no way to lead.

Claire M. Walsh
Deep River