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Article Published October 17, 2018
Feel Good About Local
Nat Eddy

I like shopping at the Deep River Adams grocery store because it has good selection and prices and employs local people, especially teenagers, but best of all, I can walk to it. Last Thursday night, though, I found another reason. I realized that we needed milk, and since the dog needed a walk, I took her along, which I normally don’t do, since not everyone likes dogs in stores. I must have been distracted by her, since I left my wallet at the checkout.

The next morning when I discovered that my wallet was missing, I was upset, but figured I must have lost it during the milk run, so I retraced my steps, ending up at Adams. And there, a Ms. Rivera (I think) looked in the safe, and there it was. After the picture on my license proved me the owner, I had my wallet again, with nothing missing.

I want to thank the late shift staff at Adams for finding my wallet and keeping it safe. It makes me feel good about our local supermarket and the people who work there.

Nat Eddy
Deep River