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Article Published October 17, 2018
Dedicated to Community Service
Carol Hanover

I met Melissa Ziobron in 1991 when politics were the furthest thing from her mind. Her priorities have always been family, doing what is right, and not being afraid to speak up. Her favorite days include a walk in the woods, a fishing trip on the Sound, a picnic at Gillette Castle, camping, and most valued, her time with family and friends. Now, 27 years later, Melissa is dedicated to doing what’s right for the state of Connecticut, focusing on our seniors, our veterans, the environment, and public education.

So why vote for Melissa? One won’t find another candidate more dedicated to community service or energized to do what’s needed at the capital. Melissa is a moderate Republican and strongly believes in working with legislators regardless of party. As a state representative for the 34th District, Melissa voted 100 percent of the time. This election year is critical as our state deals with a serious financial crisis. We need leadership at the capital that supports a conservative, responsible budget.

One of my favorite stories Melissa tells is when her two children were growing up and she shopped for school clothes at the local Goodwill—not necessarily because she had to, she chose to, so the family budget priorities could focus on saving for the children’s future college expenses. I believe Melissa’s fundamental values will carry over to the state’s budget. I encourage your readers to vote for Melissa Ziobron and put our state back on track!

Carol Hanover
Deep River