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Article Published October 3, 2018
A Refreshing Change
Joann Hourigan

I am writing in support of Bob Siegrist, state representative in the 36th District, and his re-election campaign. During our recent 18-unit expansion at Kirtland Commons, which provides income-based elderly and disabled housing, the Deep River Housing Authority experienced several unforeseen issues resulting in additional costs. We were stalemated without further funding and could not have completed the much-needed units without the intervention of Bob Siegrist.

Frustrated by our inability to obtain a commitment to gap funding, we contacted Bob, who immediately responded. Attending a meeting with us at the capitol during the state budget crisis while already working endless hours. He mediated with the Department of Housing, expediting the identification of necessary funds to complete our project, enabling us to house an additional 26 individuals since Jan. 1.

This is the response needed from our state representatives, and is a refreshing change from what I have experienced prior to his tenure. I encourage your readers to vote for Bob Siegrist on Nov. 6. He has our backs and the backs of those who can’t fight for themselves. He listens and is our voice.

Joann Hourigan

Joann Hourigan is executive director of the Deep River Housing Authority.