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Article Published October 3, 2018
Deep Knowledge of the Issues
John O’Hare

Melissa Ziobron, a mother and life-long resident of the 33rd State Senate District, is committed to battle the tough challenges our district and state has in front of us. As the current state representative of the 34th District, she works tirelessly to seek solutions to our daunting challenges. She has a proven track record for working across the aisle to seek sound solutions, negotiate, and make the hard decisions all with one goal in mind: what is best for her constituents and the future of our state.

Don’t be surprised if you run into the Ziobron family enjoying a day in one of our state parks. Melissa is a dedicated champion for the preservation of our state parks and open spaces. She continuously works with her constituents and colleagues to develop an educated understanding of the link between these spaces to both the overall environmental health and the financial health of our state.

Melissa’s record for fighting to ensure a balanced budget and reasonable spending of our tax dollars is unwavering in her role as a ranking member of the Appropriations Committee. She spent countless hours fighting to create a balanced budget and obtain majority support.

As evidenced not only by my personal interactions and observations, but also by her presentations on the House floor and numerous press conferences, Melissa articulates her deep knowledge of the issues facing our district and state with ease and demonstrates her openness to work for rational, bi-partisan solutions.

I encourage your readers to join me on Nov. 6 and elect Melissa Ziobron as our state senator for the 33rd District.

John O’Hare

Republican John O’Hare serves on the Chester Board of Finance.