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Article Published September 19, 2018
Knowledge, Organization, and Understanding
Jim Crawford

Voters will go to the polls on Nov. 6 and elect the new General Assembly. Our 35th District House of Representatives seat for Clinton, Killingworth and Westbrook features a new, dynamic, and passionate candidate. He’s Clinton resident Jason Adler.

I have come to know Jason well over the last few months and am very impressed with his knowledge, organizational skills, and, above all, his understanding of the key issues facing our district and state. Chief among these is the need for affordable health care.

Jason and, his wife, Meredith have two sons who were born with health issues. They know what it’s like navigating the intricacies of the continuing coverage minefield. Jason is a tireless advocate for all citizens having access to the care needed to keep families secure.

Jason is an educator who is the director of counseling in the Waterford Public Schools. He assists students and their parents in the search for the best colleges, technical schools, and post-graduate options that are best suited to each individual’s unique needs. He’s comfortable and skilled at helping meet the needs of all those under his influence. That’s the biggest prerequisite for a state representative, also.

I hope your readers will join me in making Jason Adler our new voice in Hartford.

Jim Crawford