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Article Published September 19, 2018
Intellect, Understanding, and Interpersonal Skills
Tony Cozza

I will be voting to re-elect Devin Carney for state representative in the 23rd District this November. Devin has served us admirably for the past four years and has shown that he truly cares about the families of our state. He has shown that he will spend whatever time is necessary listening to his constituents, regardless of political affiliation. He couples this with an intellect, the understanding of the political process in Hartford, and interpersonal skills that make him an overwhelming choice to continue to represent us in the State House.

As a member of the Westbrook Board of Finance, I am focused on how state policy will affect the taxpayers of Westbrook and Devin is always there when I need to talk to him. He is always concerned how the state budget will affect our town budget and thus our property taxes and voices these concerns in Hartford. A good example of this is how he stood up to Governor Dannel Malloy when the governor wanted to pass on some of the state’s obligated retirement payments onto towns. Devin knew this would raise taxes and that this scheme was simply robbing Peter to pay Paul. Thankfully, the legislature never passed this proposal and that is because of people like Devin, who was there when we needed him.

We need representatives, like Devin Carney, who will always fight for the taxpayers of Westbrook. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for him on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Tony Cozza