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Article Published August 22, 2018
Jack Scherban: Finding Many Ways to Contribute
Eric O’Connell, Staff Reporter

When Jack Scherban transferred to the area from Massachusetts for a job in the banking industry, an associate mentioned Clinton as a place to look for a home. In 1974, Jack moved in and has stayed ever since.

“It turned out to a good move,” Jack says.

Over those more than four decades, Jack has been involved in a plethora of endeavors. Jack has done everything from teach CCD at St. Mary’s to coaching baseball to his current role as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

“When I retired about six or seven years ago, I wanted to give back in town,” Jack says.

Jack proudly notes that his wife, Laraine, was a teacher for many years in Clinton at both The Morgan School and Jared Eliot Middle School, and that their three children went through the Clinton school system. Jack says that family involvement in the community contributed to a feeling that he felt he, too, needed to give back.

“I’ve been volunteering all my life,” Jack says.

Jack says that while he worked in the banking world, he was often involved with different civic organizations, though not all in Clinton.

Currently, Jack is a member of the Clinton Historical Society, serving as treasurer and as a docent, a person who leads tours. Jack says he spends a lot of time in the Elisha White House, which is commonly called “Old Brick” by locals.

“The purpose of the society is to preserve Clinton’s history,” Jack says. “It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it.”

Through volunteering, Jack has had an opportunity to become involved with the town’s politics. In the past, Jack served on the Board of Finance as its chairperson, and is currently a selectmen.

“I get along with everybody and I believe in compromise,” Jack says. “I enjoy working with [First Selectman] Christine [Goupil] and the other hard-working Board of Selectmen members.”

He has also served on the Capital Expenditure Committee, the Bonding Committee, and the Police Pension Committee.

Besides his service to different town organizations and nonprofits, Jack is extremely proud of his status as a Vietnam veteran. Jack says he was in Vietnam from November 1967 to November 1968. Jack spent a total of six years in the service.

Prior to his retirement and involvement with Clinton, Jack enjoyed a long career in the banking industry. Jack says he had a background in finance, but was looking for a change. Eventually, a contact recruited him for a job in the banking world.

“I just fell into it,” Jack says.

For Jack, who considers himself “a people’s person,” it was the people he met that was his favorite part of his work.

“I enjoyed helping people. Just meeting and talking to people,” Jack says.

In his spare time, Jack says he likes to exercise by running daily, and, of course, spending time with his family. Jack and Laraine have nine grandchildren, three of whom are in the Clinton school system.

Jack spent many years coaching Little League for his own kids, but says he’s “just a fan now.”

“I follow all their games,” Jack says.

Jack says he tries to make it to at least one or two of The Morgan School sports’ teams’ games a season, and can often be found attending other school functions such as plays as well.

“I’m a diehard Sox, Bruins, Pats, and Celtics fan,” Jack adds quickly.

However, Jack jokes he is “heartbroken” that a majority of his family members are now Yankees fans.

After 44 years in Clinton, Jack still quickly answers “the people” when asked his favorite thing about living in Clinton. Many of the people he has met have become “lifelong friends.”

Another aspect of the town that Jack says he likes is that when tragedy befalls someone in the community, there are always people ready to help others.

“I think Miner Vincent’s Families Helping Families is utterly fantastic,” Jack says of the local non-profit. Jacks says that the spirit of a town coming together to help its citizens is something that “has been like that since I got here.”