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Article Published July 19, 2018
Davis Captains North Haven Softball to Conference Crown
PJ Foti, Sports Writer

Peyton Davis played a pivotal role for the North Haven softball team throughout its historic season this spring. Peyton not only batted leadoff and started in center field, she also served as a junior captain for the Indians, who won the SCC Tournament for the first time in program history.

Peyton felt honored to be a leader for North Haven as a junior. She appreciates the way everyone on her squad bonded together to help North Haven claim its conference title.

“From playing varsity as a freshman, my whole mindset has grown on the sport and the team itself. I knew being nominated as a junior captain that the other girls looked up to me, so I had to do my job and be someone who stood out to the team,” Peyton says. “I really liked it, because I put so much work into this one sport, and I’m glad all my hard work paid off. We all had a close bond and still hang out all the time during the summer.”

Coach Karen Castagnola was impressed with the selfless attitude that Peyton brought to the squad. Castagnola says that Peyton often spent time with her teammates to make sure everyone was in good form and bringing a positive mindset to the diamond.

“She mentors the younger kids and goes one-on-one with them without even asking. I noticed this year that she was in the cages with kids that were struggling at the plate and helping them out,” says Castagnola. “It was very interesting to see at this level. I loved it. She’s a smart player and was definitely passing that onto the younger kids.”

Peyton loved leading North Haven as a junior captain and is already looking forward to reprising that role in her senior year. It means a lot to Peyton that everyone is on the same page, and she’s willing to go the extra mile to foster unity among the Indians.

“It’s important to stop what I’m doing and put the team before myself,” says Peyton, who also plays volleyball at North Haven. “It makes my teammates feel better and makes things run smoother. They like when the captains are behind them and have their backs.”

Peyton has batted out of the leadoff spot for North Haven since her freshman year. This spring, she posted a .356 batting average to go with 22 runs scored, 10 RBI, and three stolen bases. Peyton earned All-SCC Second Team honors for her performance on the season.

“Since I’m the first one to see a pitcher, I like to let them throw, so I can deliver messages to my teammates and let them know what she’s throwing. I know my coach likes me to be aggressive, but I like making the pitcher work,” says Peyton on her approach to hitting leadoff. “As I look ahead, I’m going to push myself 10 times harder to get [All-SCC First Team]. I know I can do better and work harder to achieve bigger things, while also putting my team first.”

While Peyton produces at the plate, Coach Castagnola says that she’s also a great center fielder. Peyton has been patrolling the outfield for quite some time and likes using both her smarts and her arm to keep opposing baserunners honest.

“Ever since I was 10, I’ve been taking fly balls from my dad and that really turned me into an outfielder. I just love it. I’ve really developed a love for it,” she says. “I like how I get to see the whole field. I can see everything, so it’s nice to have that view and take charge if I need to. It helps with my leadership role in the outfield.”

Peyton has her sights set on playing softball after she graduates from North Haven. She hasn’t made any commitments, but Peyton knows that she wants to continue her career by taking her game to the collegiate level.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to play college softball,” says Peyton. “I have a close bond with my family, so I don’t want to go too far. I want my parents at my games, so I’m looking at places close by.”