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Article Published April 18, 2018
Take Notice
Susan Wright

If you haven’t been to the Chester Library lately, you should stop by and take notice of all the changes our library director, Stephanie Romano, has put into place.

Upon first entering the library, I immediately noticed more space behind the circulation desk. Gone is the old shelving and the green typewriter; everything is neatly in place. Turning to the right, the oversized table has been replaced with a narrower one; the copy machine that once resided in front of the large window has been moved to the circulation desk. In its place are two comfortable chairs and the magazine rack, which was moved from behind the computers, giving easier access to them and more privacy to anyone using the computers. Also, wooden blinds have been installed to make it easier to read the computer screen on sunny days.

The children’s area has been re-organized with a large, comfortable chair and small desk for the children to use. Stephanie also purchased stackable chairs and folding tables for the downstairs area, which allows for more flexibility to use the space for groups or activities.

It is nice to see that the on-going discussion about the library’s future has not stopped Stephanie and her staff from making the current library more efficient and inviting.

Susan Wright