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Article Published December 28, 2017
Someone Must Have an Idea
Lillian Y. Bella

It feels almost like a death in the family: learning that Chester Center’s largest event, the Winter Carnivale, will not be held this year. This event draws people from all over Connecticut and even out of state.

We all understand that the budgets of the state, cities, and towns are strained and the cost of this event is very high, but isn’t there some way to finance it? Donations? Raffles? While our beloved volunteer firemen can’t carry a badge or a gun, I’ve no doubt they would gladly volunteer their services to guide traffic and pedestrians.

Being a computer dinosaur, I don’t know the details, but I’ve heard of so many GoFundMe programs. Is that a possibility?

Surely someone must have an idea on how to fund this event. Anyone? Help!

Lillian Y. Bella