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Article Published November 1, 2017
Values, Skills, and Knowledge
Kathleen Maher

Democracy in our country works because people are willing to serve the community by sharing their values, skills, and knowledge. We are fortunate that Jeannine Lewis has chosen to run for judge of probate.

She has the values necessary for the position as evidenced by her volunteer and pro bono work on behalf of community organizations and lectures given on end-of-life issues. She has the skills necessary for the position as evidenced by her successful career as a probate attorney. And she has the knowledge necessary as evidenced by her work through the Connecticut Bar and Probate system. Most importantly she has the personal qualities that are so important to this position: thoughtfulness, attention to detail, care and dedication to the people of District 33.

I wholeheartedly support Jeannine Lewis for judge of probate for District 33. I hope your readers do as well.

Kathleen Maher