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Article Published February 26, 2020
Voluntary Pay Program

We created the Voluntary Pay Program in 2015 to help ensure that our organization could not only deliver the best local news and information to you, but to also improve upon the coverage and services we offer to our readers and our businesses, and to give back to the community we love so much.
In 2018, thanks to our wonderful donors:
• We sponsored more than 60 non-profit organizations within the community. To name a few, Warm the Children, Ethan Song Foundation, The Cove Race, Middlesex United Way, Sarah Foundation, Vista Life Innovations, The Essex Community Fund, Guilford Fund for Education, Women & Family Life Center, Orchard House, HEAT, the local Chambers of Commerce, and many more.
• We recognized 15 volunteers who stood out by helping to make the shoreline a wonderful place to live, work and play at our annual Beacon Awards. (Nominate someone for 2019 today at!)
You can make a difference by sending a small $25 payment for the year! We welcome any value of contribution. Whether you participate in the Voluntary Pay program or not, we will continue to mail your paper each week, right to your home or business.
For 2019, we are pleased to offer a Shore Publishing tote bag to readers who contribute $50 or more.
We are so grateful to have loyal readers like you. Thank you for your generous support yesterday, today, and in the future!