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Article Published August 26, 2020

People Stepped In

By Connie Campano Rose

When the power went out, people stepped in.

The senior residents of John B. Sliney Housing and Robert Giaimo Housing were without power for four days. Immediately our neighbors on Rice Terrace (Lisa, John, and Shona Nilsson and Kaela Benitez and Matt Brizuela) were there to help, reaching out to the community, charging cell phones, and bringing coffee, water, and food.

So many performed selfless acts of kindness to seniors in need, some whom they had never met.

We are so ever grateful for the caring that was extended to us. Neighbors and their friends, families of residents, local businesses, civic groups, and town officials pitched in without hesitation, from setting up tents to provide shade over buffets of food and bringing food to residents who could not or were concerned to walk the darkened stairs and hallways to join others outside, to serving food with a smile, donating food to set up a mini food pantry, and so much more.

A massive thank you goes to Lenore Berrios; Big Y; Linda Caron Birbarie; BJ’s Wholesale Club; Lisamarie Boncek; The Branford Bitches Women Group; Branford Fire Department; Branford Parks & Rec; Leah Burbridge, Canoe Brook Senior Center; Caron’s Corner; David Caron; Michelle Burbridge Caron; Community Dining Room; First Selectman James Cosgrove; Jean Gaudio and her neighbors at North Farms Condo; Hornet’s Nest; Pat, Stephen, and Erica Malinowsky; Joan Matts; Richlin; Vince Scalia; Shoreline Café; Stop & Shop; Tommy Sullivan’s; and Vivian Yednak.

The compassion of others gave off the shining light needed to survive the aftermath of Isaias!

Connie Campano Rose