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Article Published May 30, 2018

Feed Branford Kids

By Margaret Kilgore
Feed Branford Kids is a program that packs food during the school year for 25% of Branford elementary & nursery school children to take home on Fridays to supply them with meals over the weekend. Recently, sturdy paper bags were ordered to replace the single-use plastic bags to hold the food items. These paper bags are not only more environmentally friendly, but are easier to pack for distribution to the schools, and will be used next fall when the program picks up again. Pictured here are some of those who have been meeting every Wednesday morning to pack the bags. 1st row: Gail Stemborski, Jill Prete, Brenda Doughtery, and Barbara Clark, Co-Chair of Purchasing. 2nd row: John Clark, Co-Chair of Purchasing, Jack Zuwalick, and Linda Sanzone. (Photo by Meg Kilgore)