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at home Home the Trees Among A project by Centerbrook Architects, the Lakewood House in- corporates many natural elements to capture the feeling of being high up in the trees. Photograph by Peter Aaron/OTTO Blurring the Edges Between Indoor and Outdoor written By Jenn McCulloch Move over man caves and she-sheds, adult tree houses are here, and they are reaching new heights of trendiness. With hectic schedules, many people are looking for new ways to unwind, and what better way than connecting with nature in a way reminiscent of childhood? “It’s probably nostalgia, and it gives you a level of flexibility in design and layout to be more playful, while being closer to outside and simplicity,” says Russ Campaigne, a partner at Campaigne Kestner Architects in Guilford. “There’s a therapeutic value to it and the inspiration for such a project would come from an experience from childhood.” CK Architects was contracted to design a tree house to accompany a kitchen remodel in a 1970s Guilford home. While the use was mainly intended for the client’s son, it was designed as a space where the family could spend time outdoors. Campaigne Kestner Architects in Guilford created this treehouse that was intended for the client’s son. It turned into a space the entire family enjoyed. Photograph by Russell Campaigne summer 2017 élan magazine 15