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Hold That Thought

 April 9, 2014

It's spring, when all thoughts turn to...everything. I think this is my problem. I know I'm not alone, either. There are the three questions that keep coming up. If I'm not thinking one of them, someone is asking one of them out loud within my earshot.

Steering out of the Skid

 March 26, 2014

Steering Out of the SkidThere are crocuses blooming by the back of the house. Finally.I managed to steer into the skid of winter because there was no way to avoid it. Like tires slipping on a patch of black ice, we were all...

Luck Be a Melee

 March 12, 2014

In my previous column I told how three rings of mine brought me only 64 smackers at a local gold-buying shop. One ring had what's called a "melee" diamond, which is not of much worth. I also told how Neutron suggested we go to a local casino and turn our...

The $64 Question

 February 26, 2014

Neutron has an idea. She thinks we should sell our rings from badly ended relationships and take the money to a casino."We can get rid of bad juju and also have some fun," she says.So, we...

The Big Chill

 February 12, 2014

I'm moving to Alaska where it's warmer. I know I live in New England and that dealing with winter is part of living in New England. However, dealing with temperatures in the single digits with wind chills below zero is not what I signed up for by living in...

Dancing and the Stars

 January 29, 2014

Dancing is in my blood. My grandmother was a dancer on Broadway in a musical called Jumbo. Jimmy Durante introduced her to my grandfather. So, when I see an ad in the paper saying that Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars will be at one of...

Holiday Hangover

 January 15, 2014

It's well into January, and I have a holiday hangover. There are differences and similarities between a booze-fueled hangover and a holiday-fueled hangover.The two hangovers are different in that, unlike an alcohol hangover,...

Captain Jack Christmas

 December 31, 2013

I hung out with Johnny Depp during the Christmas season. Okay, not really. I snapped a photo of a guy in full Jack Sparrow garb during a Torchlight Parade. Close enough.It's Saturday morning and the snow is already starting...

Black and Blue Holiday

 December 18, 2013

This year Thanksgiving turns out to be black and blue. For my family this is different from other years but ends up being quite nice all the same. For others it's not nice at all.Mom's stove kicks the bucket, so there's no...

The Art of Hibernation

 December 4, 2013

A friend of mine makes the kind of confession to me that one can only make while downing a pint in low barroom light.She leans forward and says, "Today I spent the entire day in bed. I didn't do anything."

Let's Talk Turkey

 November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving is approaching, so it's time to be obsessed with turkey. We shoreline folks really get into Thanksgiving. For weeks before the holiday, newspapers are stuffed with ads from area supermarkets for turkeys and all of the meal items that go with...

The Cell Phone Prayer

 November 6, 2013

I'm sitting in a theater before the start of a jazz concert. A friend of mine is sitting next to me."Everyone is playing with their phones," she says.She's right. All the people around us...

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Field of Greens: Wine & Chocolate Extravaganza! — 5:00 pm; Fri., Apr. 25

Stonington Players "Scrooge Macbeth" — 8:00 pm; Fri., Apr. 25

Berklee World Strings Concert — 7:30 pm; Sat., Apr. 26

Berklee World Strings Workshop for All Ages — 7:00 pm; Sat., Apr. 26

Stonington Players "Scrooge Macbeth" — 8:00 pm; Sat., Apr. 26

Tag Sale — 9:00 am; Sat., Apr. 26

Folk Musician Meg Hutchinson — 3:00 pm; Sun., Apr. 27

Mystic River Chorale Spring Concert — 3:00 pm; Sun., Apr. 27

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