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Back-to-School Basic Granola

 September 3, 2014

It's back-to-school time! As the backpacks are filled, yellow buses begin to populate the streets, and one-cent notebooks hit the shelves, one snack comes to mind: granola.

The Not-So-Ambitious Cookie

 August 20, 2014

There are certain treats that I would never dream of making on my own. Whether the recipe is way too intense or I know I wouldn't be able to recreate an edible version, sometimes this Little Chef prefers to let the professionals do the hard work.

No Need to Skip the Banana Bread

 August 6, 2014

I have a confession to make: I might call myself the "Little Chef that Could," but when it comes to baking, I often can't. The thought of following a strict, formulaic recipe consisting of refined carbs, sugars, and saturated fat makes baking feel like an...

Farmstand Fresh

 July 16, 2014

Farmstand Fresh

The Perfect Ice-Cream Alternative

 July 9, 2014

On warm, starlit summer nights the tradition of post-dinner ice cream and a stroll through downtown seems to become a regular habit. But when this habit includes soft-serve vanilla ice cream and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, even the longest stroll won't burn off...

The Perfect Summer Salad

 June 25, 2014

I know exactly what you're thinking: "Avocado and tofu salad? Can Taylor be any more like a health nut?"

Make Room for Chili

 June 11, 2014

Chili and summer are two words that you typically don't hear together. However, with the fresh abundance of brightly colored and earthy-tasting produce hitting the local farmers' market stands and grocery store aisles, chili seems like the most genius one-pot...

Add Some Mediterranean Flavor to Your Lunch

 May 28, 2014

Warm sunlight is streaming through the windows and shining down on me, a cool iced green tea is by my side, and Jack Johnson is playing in the background. As I sit writing this column, I must admit I'm in heaven. With a cool, refreshing lunch waiting for me in...

Taking the 'Blah' out of Veggie Burgers

 May 15, 2014

Taking the Blah out of Veggie BurgersOne of my favorite go-to lunch options is the veggie burger. Most of you reading this are probably thinking, "Blah. Boring. Bland." But I'm here to prove all of the veggie...

Sauce in a Snap

 April 2, 2014

I bet if you open your pantry, somewhere on one of your shelves is a box of pasta and a jar of marinara sauce. This quick-fix dinner staple seems to find its place in most homes across America. And why not?Well, put down the...

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