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Trout Captured Anglers’ Attention on Opening Day

 April 23, 2014

Anglers began staking their spots by trout-stocked waters-at first with reasonable spacing, but those spaces disappeared in short order as more and more fishers showed up. It was chilly (mild compared to last year's frigid opening) and most notably with wider...

Here’s to Another Codi and Bubba’s Fishing Day!

 April 9, 2014

Woods' ends and waters' edges both reveal that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are now making plans for the coming weeks. Can we see another short run surprise? You bet! But tell that to hooting owls, ospreys, reckless, courting turkeys, and...

A Fish Known More for Bait Than Food

 April 2, 2014

When the mention of hickory shad creeps into a conversation, there are usually mixed comments. Generally, anglers don't view them as a sporting fish, but rather a great bait. Rig up hickory and any respectable bluefish or striped bass worth its salt should...

Jump on the Early Springtime Run of Striped Bass

 March 26, 2014

It's late March and this angler is ready to test the waters for early spring stripers. The winter has been too long and, although the calendar says spring, winter doesn't seem over. However, here in the Northeast, water temperatures are creeping up and this...

May Luck Be With You This Season

 March 19, 2014

It is Saint Patrick's Day weekend, which, in years past, marked the traditional opening of winter flounder season in the northeast. Winter flounder, right-handed flatties, blackbacks, or whatever you refer to them as, have been in short supply. Through years of...

Marine Spatial Planning is the New Norm

 March 12, 2014

Long Island Sound is a relatively small body of nutrient-rich water surrounded by vibrant tidal wetlands. Its boundaries are shared with Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. It is 113 miles long, 12 miles at the widest point, and averages 63 feet in depth,...

A Captain Morgan’s Fishing Thought to Ponder

 March 5, 2014

There are few recreational activities able to provide the challenge and the relaxation derived from the peace and quiet of fishing, as anyone who immerses oneself in this centuries-old world activity can attest. The rest have not a clue. Most likely, this comes...

Ice Fishing Deep in Russia

 February 26, 2014

George Washington, a President Who Fished

 February 19, 2014

Did you know that our first president of the United States of America, George Washington, born Feb. 22, 1732, was an avid fisherman? In 1762, according to entries into his diary (he was very meticulous about detail), while he was residing and working out of his...

Summer Flounder to Be Regulated Differently in 2014

 February 12, 2014

Apopular and prized recreational fishery has always been summer flounder or fluke. In Connecticut waters, this species (Paralichthys dentatus) is generally fished from May through October, making for excellent table fare and sport. However, this flattie...

Super Bowl XLVIII, Groundhogs, and Fishing

 February 5, 2014

If you're a believer in predictions, then settle in for six more weeks of winter. Unlike last year, when our groundhog prognosticators either had some mixed vibes or they weren't translated correctly, this year there was more unity in their predictions.

In Between is a Time to Discover Something New

 January 29, 2014

Wintertime in New England, of late, has been unpredictable. What we do know is that the days are shorter and colder than the rest of the year. After that, all bets are off. Anglers who enjoy open water fishing hope the rivers keep flowing so they can hook into...

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Field of Greens: Wine & Chocolate Extravaganza! — 5:00 pm; Fri., Apr. 25

Stonington Players "Scrooge Macbeth" — 8:00 pm; Fri., Apr. 25

Berklee World Strings Concert — 7:30 pm; Sat., Apr. 26

Berklee World Strings Workshop for All Ages — 7:00 pm; Sat., Apr. 26

Stonington Players "Scrooge Macbeth" — 8:00 pm; Sat., Apr. 26

Tag Sale — 9:00 am; Sat., Apr. 26

Folk Musician Meg Hutchinson — 3:00 pm; Sun., Apr. 27

Mystic River Chorale Spring Concert — 3:00 pm; Sun., Apr. 27

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