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Save the 1,000-Acre Forest

 April 16, 2014

I have followed the 1,000-acre forest battle for many years, and I am concerned about the possibility of any development threatening Old Saybrook's water quality and quantity.
There are springs in The Preserve that feed three...

Rewarding Run for Literacy

 April 16, 2014

Spring finally arrived at the Essex Town Hall and on the race courses for the seventh annual Literacy Volunteers Valley Shore April Fools Race benefitting Literacy Volunteers. Fifty-Four racers from all over New England and as far away as Minnesota participated...

Our Own Central Park

 April 16, 2014

Today's world is frequently recognized through the use of icons. If we were to create an image of New York City, one of the most prevalent and iconic mental images to come to mind is Central Park. Imagine New York City without the ever-important open and green...

Much Needed Support

 April 16, 2014

The Old Saybrook Fire Department and the American Red Cross would like to thank residents for their participation in the April 2 second annual blood drive at the firehouse. Forty-four pints of much-needed blood was donated, which we sincerely appreciate!

A Simple Thank You

 March 26, 2014

Old Saybrook Public Works and [its director], Larry Bonin, are an easy target these days.
Westbrook First Selectman Noel Bishop wrote to this paper commending his town crew for their dedication and hard work plowing for the...

One of the Best Decisions

 March 12, 2014

One of the best decisions made by the townspeople of Old Saybrook was to buy the property at Saybrook Point. That project had to overcome heavy opposition at the time. Can you imagine opposition to that purchase today in light of the obvious benefits that we see...

Nepotism Gone Wild

 March 12, 2014

Regarding the snow-dumping incident in which L.J. Bonin literally dumped on a car, two times, with a town-owned bucket loader: Why did he think he had decision-making authority? Was this type of impulsive, willful, do-what-I-want behavior excused because his...

Perhaps It's Time

 March 5, 2014

Recent news and letters to the editor in the Harbor News might cause a reader to ask, "What's going on in the Old Saybrook Department of Public Works?"
Perhaps it's time for First Selectman Carl Fortuna, Jr., to order...

Exploring the Woods

 February 26, 2014

After many years of public debate and discussion, the opportunity to purchase the 1,000-acre Preserve for public, open space is finally in reach. Saving the forest from development ensures the protection of vital water supplies as the property is closely located...

See the Challenge

 February 26, 2014

In Old Saybrook, many messages from our first selectman center on two parcels of economic activity in town: the soon-to-open Max's Place and the vacant former North Cove Outfitters on Main Street. I wish to point out to our first selectman and our new economic...

With the Community's Support

 February 12, 2014

On Feb. 1, the Goodwin Elementary PTA in Old Saybrook held its annual Fun Fair at the school. Goodwin families and the public spent the day playing carnival games, getting their faces painted and winning prizes. With the community's support, Saturday's Fun Fair...

They Trusted the WPCA

 February 12, 2014

At the Jan. 27 Old Saybrook Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) hearing, the hard costs (the cost of the upgraded system) was explained, after which the authority touched lightly on the soft costs (administrative and engineering costs). Basically, there are...

Neither Resources nor Expertise

 February 12, 2014

Ever seen an asphalt curb abutting a concrete sidewalk? Look at Maynard Road in Old Saybrook. During street repaving, most of the sidewalk was replaced. The bottom of the sidewalk curb often rose above the asphalt street, creating a gap between street and...

Salary a Typo?

 January 23, 2014

Is this a typo? I was looking through the Town of Old Saybrook Annual Report 2013 and was surprised to learn that the police chief is earning $190,947.86 (as listed on page 98 of the report).
For many of the recent years I can...

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