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The Dinner Plate is Nearing Empty

 July 23, 2014

When our plates are empty, we stop eating or, at best, finish off what's in the bottom of the pot. This trait seems to have transferred to striped bass fishing. Since stripers are a popular sport fish and make for a tasty meal, they're an easy target for...

Fish Move for One Main Reason: To Eat

 July 16, 2014

In order for fish to survive in any environment, they need to have clean water in which to live, a food supply to replenish their energy, and a tolerable temperature range. Temperature drives behavior, which, as fishers, we translate into fish activity. This is...

Fishing for Stripers at a Time That's Against All Odds

 July 9, 2014

While the big boats are out on the offshore reefs jigging, trolling, and dunking bunker when available-all searching for striped bass-there appears to be surge of catches closer to home. As the last of the sun slips into the darkened horizon or its rays just...

Strange Water Temperatures Bring Stranger Fish

 July 2, 2014

As the ice melt from the north eased and the temperatures rose, the salinity in the eastern part of the Sound gradually increased. When that occurs, more fish following the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream make their way into the big pond that now has similar...

Anglers’ Ongoing Passion for Striped Bass

 June 25, 2014

Fishing for striped bass appeals above all to anglers who consider this fish to be a gamefish. It is also the one species that appears to take the greatest hit when it comes to either incidental, accidental, or intentional harvest. Many seasoned anglers remember...

Change it Up on Your Slow Fishing Days

 June 18, 2014

Early on, lures of one kind or another work well in the organized confusion that a feeding frenzy produces. As the influx of bait builds, artificials take somewhat of a backseat. Then as bait schools spread out and move around, those artificials come back into...

A Peek Behind the Fishing Scene

 June 11, 2014

It's a never-ending battle being waged between recreational fishers, watermen, fisheries managers, environmentalists, and legislators. Optimally, all have the same goal, which is to ensure a maximum healthy biomass of our important species. Unfortunately, each...

A Surprisingly Good Season for Weakfish

 June 4, 2014

Cynoscion regalis, Squteague (in American Indian), sea trout, or, as it's more commonly called, weakfish, is a member of the drum and croaker family found along the Atlantic coast from Canada to Florida. It is also Delaware's state fish. These...

Always a Lesson to Be Learned When Fishing

 May 28, 2014

Slipping the lines off the cleats and navigating through the wetlands, determined to target fluke and not be tempted by any bass feeding by the creeks, we set our course. Suddenly all eyes focused on an obvious bass swirl. The throttles were backed off.

Good Fishing Action Now in Long Island Sound!

 May 14, 2014

When the Atlantic menhaden migrate up to their northern spawning grounds and into Long Island Sound, the big dinner bell rings loudly for foraging fish and fishermen, all of whom are anxiously gearing up for different outcomes. For the hook-and-line variety, we...

The Spring Run of Striped Bass Intensifies

 May 7, 2014

The striped bass saga continues. With more migrating bass entering the Sound in pursuit of the spring run of river herring, fishing has intensified. Sneaking out to tackle the right tide in the morning has been a stretch. However, catching the evening run has...

Only Once a Year Will You Experience the Spring Striper Bite

 April 30, 2014

No doubt and, in spite of the rain, this week saw a fresh run of migrating striped bass. For a while now, holdover bass in the main tidal rivers have been active and have been spilling over into The Sound. With this new run of fish, the action has heated up even...

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