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Two Great Salad Dressings

 April 16, 2014

Last week I took one of my favorite salads to a potluck dinner: wedges of iceberg lettuce dribbled with blue cheese dressing and topped with cherry tomatoes and crumbled bacon. (Truth be told: we all brought a little of something, but Joan herself made an...

Just in Time for Passover Seder

 April 9, 2014

The last week of March was pretty fun. I went to see Rush with my friends Ralph, Rich, and Craig at the Garde. This was probably the best of the best car-race movies I'd ever seen, and to see this action movie on the new, incredible sound system at our...

Ruby’s Molasses Cookies

 April 2, 2014

Like my own mother, my mother-in-law, Ruby, didn't find much to love about cooking. Unlike my mother, though, Ruby cooked dinner every night for her family. (My mother, as I have mentioned before, worked in our retail store and we had a housekeeper/cook six days...

Not Your Mother’s Marble Cake

 March 26, 2014

In the den, on a table, sits my mother's recipe box. It sat, full of recipes, many indexed alphabetically, on every kitchen table I remember as a child. Some of the recipes are in her handwriting. Many were clipped from magazines and newspapers, then taped to...

Bounteous Beef Bourguignon

 March 19, 2014

For four days I spent a great part of each day at Mohegan Sun, watching almost every game played by the women's basketball teams now comprising the new American Athletic Conference. I have to agree with The Day's Mike DiMauro, who said in his March 11...

A Recipe That Will Have You Hooked

 March 5, 2014

My kitchen is done and it looks like something out of Architectural Digest. Okay, maybe not quite, but I think it is the most gorgeous kitchen I have ever seen. I have sent pictures to friends and children. Gloria Pépin, who also knows John...

CrÍpes: A Sweet, Simple Treat

 February 26, 2014

Crêpes: A Sweet, Simple TreatOver the past couple of weeks, I have been almost snowbound, and I'm sick of it. I have gone out a few times: to the market, to get my nails done (a ridiculous, narcissistic vanity), to see...

Midwinter Meatloaf

 February 19, 2014

To paraphrase from Love Story, what can I say about a winter that simply won't go away?Last Wednesday I shoveled five different times, just to allow me to get from my front porch out to get my newspapers-and the same...

Splurge-Worthy Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

 February 12, 2014

There is almost nothing sweet about my pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. Oh, they're pretty enough, and I keep them clean inside and out, but when I look I find not one sugary something to meet my sweet tooth craving.This, of...

A Healthy Start

 February 5, 2014

Between the holidays and now (although the holidays are well behind us), there's been way too much food around me. I've been cooking quite a lot, including a bit of baking. Over the weekend, I made incredible oatmeal cookie sandwiches stuffed with a filling made...

A Versatile Stew

 January 29, 2014

I probably read 10 to 20 recipes a week, between two newspapers a day and some magazines. Then there are the cookbooks. (I really must stop buying cookbooks since I'm way out of shelf space and I don't want to be one of those people who have...

A Soup of One’s Own

 January 22, 2014

As I sit in my chair, in front of my computer, in my office, I write a sentence, then swivel to the right side of my desk. There is a bowl of soup there, and it's getting a little cooler. It's a golden-orange color, shot through with pale streaks of white, and I...

Superior Chowder

 January 8, 2014

Have I told you that my two daughters are very good, but very different kinds of, cooks?Darcy, who lives in Phoenix and teaches in an alternative high school, is an intuitive cook. I know she has cookbooks, because I've given...

Cold-Weather Culinary Projects

 December 25, 2013

The snowstorm two weeks ago took me by surprise. It isn't as if the meteorologists got it wrong; as a matter of fact, they pretty much got it right. But I don't watch local television weather reports. I get The Day every day, along with The New York...

Perfect Pumpkin Roll

 December 18, 2013

Thanksgiving was such a great day-and a special one, since it may be the last Thanksgiving in my big house in Old Lyme. As I mentioned before, we had 19 people for that feast and lots of people had made sides and desserts. My friend Rich brought an apple...

A Break from Turkey

 December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving was a roaring excess. Oh, excuse me, it was a roaring success. Well, maybe both.I made two turkeys, a 12-pounder on Wednesday (for leftovers) and a 21-pounder on Thursday. I had made the dressing (enough for two,...

Introducing Snickerdoodles

 December 4, 2013

I assume that the turkey platters and falling-leaves tablecloth and napkins are put away. Maybe the weekend after Thanksgiving you went out and picked up the frilly Christmas tree after you went into the attic and got the tree stand, the tree skirt, all the...

A Go-to Lasagna

 November 27, 2013

Gail Sheehy has written a new book, hopefully not her last, called Passages: Predictable Crises in American Life. In the most recent book (and I have read them all), she describes what is like to care for a husband who needs her nearly 24/7.

A Thanksgiving First

 November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving is just a week away and, for the first time ever-and maybe never again (or, in any case, longer than any of us will know)-this wonderful holiday, my favorite, falls on the first day of Hanukkah. I plan to light the first candle and everyone, all 18...

Try This at Your Next Dinner Party

 November 6, 2013

I hosted a dinner at my house a few Saturdays ago. My friend Nancy, who doesn't eat pork or meat, was one of the dinner guests, so it would be chicken as the main dish. This is not a problem for me, since I could easily live on main entrées of chicken,...

Heavenly Harira

 October 30, 2013

About twice a year it seems as if I have a huge number of appointments with doctors, and along with the appointments come visits to clinics. This past month it was an EKG. It was a surprisingly easy experience-by the time I'd stopped talking to the EKG tech, she...

A Star Seasonal Recipe

 October 23, 2013

It's difficult to find sweet summer tomatoes now. My friend Linnea spent an hour or so at the Chester Farmers Market two weeks ago and found a dozen ears of corn and decided to parboil them, dunk them in ice water, slice the kernels, and freeze them for the...

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