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Will Provide a Forceful Voice

 September 24, 2014

I am delighted to support Sean Scanlon for state representative on Nov. 4 to fill the seat of retiring State Rep. Pat Widlitz. Sean is a sincere candidate who is prepared to follow the path of Pat, who has served Branford and Guilford with distinction for 20...

To the Strangers on the Beach

 September 24, 2014

On Sept. 5, I was at the Old Saybrook beach. I was the foolish girl spending a sick day at the beach thinking some sun would do me good. Saying it out loud, after the fact, I now understand the foolishness. To say it mildly: I overheated.

The Beauty and the Soul

 September 24, 2014

A tweet last spring exclaimed "I love a town that stops for the ducks." A Buzzfeed article proclaimed Guilford among "Small New England Towns You Absolutely Need to Visit" with a photo of the West River. We of Guilford appreciate nature, our fellow living...

Revved Up and Back on Track

 September 24, 2014

Guilford and Connecticut deserve better, and Cindy Cartier is the woman for the job of state representative for our district.

Proven Knowledge and Commitment

 September 24, 2014

The differences between the two candidates running for state representative are vast. On one hand, you have Cindy Cartier, a wife, mother, lawyer, community volunteer, and public servant who is currently on the Board of Selectmen and a past member of the Board...

Prompt, Effective Action

 September 24, 2014

Those of us in Guilford who have been fortunate enough to enjoy years of superb constituent service provided by our soon-to-retire General Assembly member Pat Widlitz and her wonderfully responsive staff person, the late John Chaput, can look forward to...

Optimistic About the Future

 September 24, 2014

At the end of July, my neighbor and I threw a meet and greet for state representative candidate Sean Scanlon and state senate candidate Ted Kennedy Jr. We had 40 guests attend our party, many of them supporters of the candidates. Sean's and Ted's personalities,...

Morals, Work Ethic, and Integrity

 September 24, 2014

Over the years, I have realized that in order to make change, we must not simply sit back, complain, and hope change magically happens. We must take an active role to form the changes ourselves. Change starts at the town level. Change must happen not with career...

Has Earned Our Trust

 September 24, 2014

I think our Founding Fathers and the first generations of our country had it right. They elected as representatives of the people fellow countrymen who had demonstrated their capabilities by becoming successful at occupations valued by the people.

Extraordinary Commitment to Community

 September 24, 2014

I am writing in support of Cindy Cartier for state representative. I have always voted for the candidate, regardless of party affiliation, who I believe has the most experience and the skillset to best represent the people in our district.

Experience Solving the Practical Problems

 September 24, 2014

I have been a home- and small business owner in Guilford for more than 20 years, and my wife and I are raising two young boys here. I feel Cindy Cartier knows how to balance the differing needs of the people in this district well, including families, women,...

Energy, Passion, and Tenacity

 September 24, 2014

In Cindy Cartier's decade and a half of public service to the citizens of Guilford, she has continually showed that she has the energy, passion, and tenacity to be a superb state representative for the 98th District of Guilford and Branford.

An Abundance of Passion

 September 24, 2014

I'm supporting Sean Scanlon for state representative because in the many years I've known him he has always been dedicated to the welfare of the citizens of Guilford. When I heard Sean was running for state representative, I wasn't surprised at all because he's...

Informed and Educated Decisions

 September 17, 2014

I am supporting Sean Scanlon for state representative because not only is he endorsed by retiring representative Patricia Widlitz, but he has proven himself to be the candidate best suited for the job time and time again. I trust Sean to make informed and...

Has What It Takes

 September 17, 2014

I am writing in support of Cindy Cartier to be our state representative in this upcoming election.

Driven to Help People in Need

 September 17, 2014

I have spent a major part of my 92 years serving others and I recognize a leader when I see one: Sean Scanlon. I am supporting Sean for state representative on Nov. 4 and I urge all Guilford voters to do the same. Sean is young, smart, hardworking, and...

Dedication and Tireless Efforts

 September 17, 2014

I'm writing to express my support for Sean Scanlon as state representative in the upcoming election on Nov. 4. I moved to Guilford two years ago, because of the proximity between my wife's work in Old Saybrook and my office in New Haven. The beautiful Town Green...

An Active Problem Solver

 September 17, 2014

Voting for Sean Scanlon as the next state representative for Guilford is a positive vote for the future of our town, and I write to support his candidacy.

Natural Integrity, Compassion, and Intelligence

 September 10, 2014

I am writing this letter in support of Peter Barrett for the Madison-Guilford probate judge position.

Leading the Charge

 September 10, 2014

I am supporting Sean Scanlon for state representative because of his vast knowledge and insight into the issues facing our education system. As someone who worked closely with Sean in bringing full-day kindergarten to Guilford, I honestly believe that, without...

Commitment to Public Service

 September 10, 2014

What a pleasure it is to see a former student grow into a thoughtful, smart, dedicated individual. I am supporting Sean Scanlon for state representative because of his commitment to public education. Sean has worked with the supporters of the new high school and...

Asks, Listens, Acts

 September 10, 2014

A few weeks ago, I received a survey in the mail from Sean Scanlon, who is a candidate for state representative for the 98th District. The survey, directed at seniors, spoke volumes about the way Sean works in our community: He asks questions, he listens, and...

A Proactive, Compassionate Voice

 September 10, 2014

Sean Scanlon is without a doubt the best candidate for Guilford in the upcoming Nov. 4 election for state representative in the 98th District. He is running to replace Patricia Widlitz, who is retiring and has served our community in an extraordinary way.

Best Suited for the Job

 September 3, 2014

I am writing in support of Sean Scanlon for state representative. As a registered independent, I have always prided myself on voting for the candidate I think is best suited for the job, regardless of the party. A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet with...

On the Right Path

 August 27, 2014

Thanks for your Aug. 7 article ["Greenway Trail Gets Going"] announcing the public hearing for Shoreline Greenway Trail (SGT)'s first section in Guilford last week-it helped us have a good turnout of almost 50 folks!

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